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Whenever I feel like it.

5 October 1984
Hello there. My name is Audrey and this is my journal. If you look at it you'll see I've been absolutely horrible at updating this thing. I used to be so good, but you know laziness just sort of breeds itself. Oh well. That could change it could not. I won't make any promises.

A little general information about myself is as follows, I'm 23 years old. Redheaded. I have chronic bouts of antsyness which can only be cured with ice cream, singing,and my boyfriend (but even sometimes he doesn't really work because he's just as easily distracted as I am half the time).

I'm moving to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to go to an all women's college run by nuns. Yeah I really don't know why either. It should be fun.

Thats really about it. So...yeah.

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